About Kris Broholm

About Me

I’m passionate about automating and systematising online business growth through events, sales funnels, as well as influencer and affiliate marketing.

Oh, and writing good copy, too.

What a long, strange trip it’s been…

I was born in Denmark in the late eighties.

Okay, let’s not go back quite that far….

I’ve been involved with online marketing, blogging, podcasting, and making money online for over 15 years.

Through fantastic failures (like the time I started a niche website about kitchen cabinets) I have amassed a huge range of crucial skills to start and grow any online business.

For the past years my focus has narrowed down to virtual events (summits), affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and copy writing – as I believe these 3 core skills enable massive growth for any business and purpose.

With this website I want to share what’s working right now in these fields, and offer my perspective and support to anyone looking into growing their online business or income.

Here are some of the things I’m working on at the moment when I’m not creating content for this website..

Actual Fluency

I founded this language learning blog and Podcast in 2014 as one of my first-ever “serious” projects.

Secret Language Project

This brand-new project is currently in the works. It will be documented here on the site, so stay tuned!

Virtual Events and HeySummit Consultant

Additionally, I help organise and run full-scale virtual events (commonly referred to as online summits.) For my language learning business this includes New Year New Language and The Language Career Summit.

I’m also a recognised consultant of HeySummit, my favourite virtual event platform.