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About Me

I’m passionate about automating and systematising online business growth through sales funnels, as well as influencer and affiliate marketing.

Oh, and writing good copy, too.

I’m Kris B. broholm

Or KBB for short….

What a long, strange trip it’s been…

I was born in Denmark in 1988.

Okay, let’s not go back quite that far….

I’ve been involved with online marketing, blogging, podcasting, and making money online for over 10 years.

Through fantastic failures (like the time I started a niche website about kitchen cabinets) I have amassed a huge range of crucial skills to start and grow any online business.

For the past years my focus has narrowed down to affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and copy writing – as I believe these 3 core skills enable massive growth for any business and purpose.

With this website I want to share what’s working right now, and how anyone, anywhere can make money online and grow their business (whether online or offline) with a few simple ideas and little investment.


Current Projects

Here are some of the things I’m working on at the moment when I’m not creating content for this website…

Actual Fluency

I founded this language learning blog and Podcast in 2014 as one of my first-ever “serious” projects. Since then, over 180 episodes of the podcast has been released. As of February 2020 this is my full time focus.

Polyglot Cruise

I’m organising this conference for foreign language lovers, and aspiring language business owners on board a luxury cruise ship. First event is in April, 2021 with yearly events expected to take place after that.


I perform various ad-hoc consulting duties for language learning companies, on topics such as affiliate management, growth management, copy writing, and funnel building.  


I’ve always loved tinkering with online software and tools designed to make online business growth easier and more accessible for everyone.

From teaching myself WordPress 10 years ago, to testing pretty much every email marketing software on the market I’m confident in my recommendations and advice to any current or future online business owner.

For the past 12+ months I’ve been using Kartra as my exclusive online business software, and one of my big ambitions with this website is to demonstrate just how good it is compared to alternatives like ClickFunnels (which I hate like the plague…)

“Get in touch if you need help or advice with your online business!”

-Kris Broholm