Success Interview: Educational Summit

Virtual Event Mob* managed the Sounds-Write Symposium from start to finish in 2021. It was a huge success with over 18,000 registrants and over 6 figures in revenue. Here is the full interview with the client. Update: Virtual Event Mob was the name of my Summit Service business, but I’ve since retired the name, and … Read more

Tutorial: Add a One-Time Offer (OTO) to a HeySummit Checkout

This is a tutorial for the event software: HeySummit. One of the most powerful ways to build leads and maintain high conversion rates for your online event is to focus on getting people to register for your free, or cheapest ticket first. This gets you the email address of the lead, for future promotions and … Read more

My Tech Stack 2022: When Less is NOT More

For the past 14 years I’ve been experimenting with a variety of “stacks” for personal and professional productivity. In this post I’d like to share my new and update 2022 stack, both as a record for myself to stick to it, and review it later – BUT also, to share what I believe to be … Read more

My Review of HeySummit Virtual Event Software (2022 Ready!)

Note from Kris: This review first appeared on Virtual Event Mob (my virtual event management agency.) Introduction In this HeySummit review I’ll be going over all the important features, and share my thoughts on why I consider it to be the best virtual event platform on the market today. Unlike a lot of other HeySummit … Read more

Build a website entirely with Kartra

A few weeks ago I was thinking: Is it possible to run your website entirely in Kartra? No wordpress, no weebly, no squarspace, no wix…. You know what I’m saying? Traditionally, marketing software like ClickFunnels and Kartra was designed to run alongside an existing platform. You’d either embed the relevant code or link out to … Read more