Does kartra do appointment scheduling? Replace Calendly, ScheduleOnce, and more!

In this post I’m sharing a video of the CALENDAR function in Kartra, which allows the marketer to accept bookings automatically for a wide range of setups and events.

One of my favourite features about Kartra, is that it integrates so many helpful tools that otherwise whould have been additional subscriptions needed for the entrepreneur.

So you can replace email automation software, helpdesk software, page builders, funnel builders, schedulers, and even your video host!

The calendar function is no different and makes great use of the integration with other Kartra features.

Does kartra do appointment scheduling?

YES – absolutely. Included with every Kartra subscription is a versatile and feature-rich calendar booking system that allows you to accept bookings for 1on1 sessions, group classes, or even live events! The times and dates are fully flexible and you can sync your appointments with Google Calendar.

Let me show you how it works in this video:

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