GrooveFunnels is garbage – but I still spent $2,256 on it – here’s why.

GroveFunnels is not exactly a finished product, with lots of limitations, missing features, bugs, and errors. So, why did I just sign up for lifetime access to it – paying over $2,256 in the process anyway?

In this post I’m going over a few reasons why GrooveFunnels isn’t quite ready for me just yet, and why I decided to spend over $2,200 on the lifetime offer anyway!

What is GrooveFunnels?

GroveFunnels is a new marketing suite of software, very similar to what Kartra offers (which is my main All-in-one software at the moment.)

They are trying to distinguish themselves by offering more apps (right now they’ve announced Blogs, Surveys, Quizzes, and Webinars) on top of the usual features already offered by an established player like Kartra or other all-in-one software.

Why GrooveFunnels is less than ideal at the moment

  • It’s still in beta. Many features and functionalities have not been released yet
  • Several of the bundled apps are “Coming Soon” with a Q4 2020, or Q1 2021 promised release date.
  • The apps that have been released are extremely buggy and glitchy, to the point where it’s not even worth using them seriously yet. I played around with it a bit, and had to simply stop. Plus there are other accounts out there from people trying to use it.
  • There are huge question marks about future usability, integrations, and the speed at which the new features can be released and bugs fixed.
  • Even though individual apps might be functional, you really need a true across-the-board functionality to justify switching from software like Kartra or other all-in-one solutions.

Example of the glitches and bugs currently:

This happend when I was trying to set up an instructor in GrooveMember.

So, why did I buy lifetime access to it for over $2000 anyway?

Initially I was not interested in the product, as I found it too high of a risk that they would not reach the level where I could confidentally switch my entire business over from Kartra.

I also found a series of red flags brought up by other users.

But, having pondered the offer for a few days I eventually decided to go through with it anyway.

Here’s why.

(The lifetime deal is available for $1,347 if you have the money lying around. I went for the payment plan which is of course, somewhat more expensive.)

My Reasons for Getting the GroveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Offer (Even though I won’t use it right now…)

The top reason is simply – the cost!

I currently spend over $2,400 a year on my Kartra subscription. And that’s for a relatively small email list of only 3000+ people.

As soon as my email list reaches 12,500 that number will go up to $2,750 a year.

And that doesn’t include a few features that GrooveFunnels will implement later such as Quizzes, Surveys, and Webinars which are all useful additions to any online business.

This means that the $2,256 I paid for the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal can be made back in as little as one year, and then every subsequent year I would save that – and more as I grow my business.

So, it’s really just a gamble that GrooveFunnels will do what they set out to do, and they polish off the software to a point where I can reliably and confidently replace Kartra with it.

If they don’t, well, hopefully some apps will provide some benefit – but I’m also ready to accept the worst case scenario of simply being $2,256 out of pocket.

Other reasons for buying into GroveFunnels

  • Additional Features and Apps
  • Great vision and leadership with experience in all-in-one software
  • The beginning is promising with a lot of functionality already there. Not quite ready for me to migrate all my stuff just yet, but I hope it will be.

Here’s why I think GrooveFunnels might succeed

One of the founders of GrooveFunnels is Mike Filsaime, who is a former Kartra senior employee so he fully understands what it takes to build truly remarkable All-In-One software, and might draw heavily from his former experience to build something even better.

They are ambitious, but not to the point of being unrealistic. They have brought out apps already which work to a large degree (with some bugs and errors) so they’re not starting from scratch.

They offer a free account, where people new to online business can get started and create funnels, email automations, and basically everything else in a limited fashion without paying a cent.

This is a HUGE selling point vs all other software, where you have to pay to get access to anything.

Granted, it’s only for like 100 leads max, but at that point maybe you have built up enough of your business to start investing a bit of money in it anyway.

The GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

Here’s what you get when you grab the lifetime access deal that’s currently available for as little as $1,347.

Obviously the savings are a little inflated, as you can find a lot of all-in-one software (like Kartra) which will contain many of these apps at a way lower price than their standalone counterparts.

However, the biggest reason for grabbing this deal is definitely the price.

You might not save $17K a year, but taking myself an example it will save me at LEAST $2,400 and maybe more.

Read all the details here

What I’ll do with my GrooveFunnels Account

For the most part I’ll just let it sit for now, as they improve the features, stability, and fix some of the errors that people have been reporting.

I might use some of the individual apps for auxillery projects or to support existing projects, but I will not be moving any substantial part of my business over in the near future.

I’m simply waiting for it to get ready and possibly out of beta. If and when that time comes I will be closing my Kartra account and moving all my marketing needs over to Groove.

The main features I use are:

  • Email Marketing
    • Automations and Sequences
    • Broadcasts
    • Lead Magnets and Newsletters
  • Product Selling and Affiliate Program
  • Funnel Pages and Marketing Flow (Sales pages – upsell pages – checkout pages)
  • Helpdesk for any inquiry
  • Analytics for globally understanding what’s working and what’s not.

The GrooveFunnels affiliate program

(Yes, I’m also an affiliate – full transparency here!)

There is a lot of spam and low-quality content out there about GrooveFunnels. This is because they offer a competitive 40% referral commission, plus a 10% commission for the second-tier referrals.

I.e. If you refer someone you get 40% of their payments, and if they go on to refer someone else you get 10% of the third person’s payments.

I don’t know if GrooveFunnels will ever reach the level they set out to do, and I don’t know if I will ever be switching away from Kartra.

So, I can’t say if GrooveFunnels will be a fit for you as well.

However, on this site I’d still be using my GrooveFunnels referral link to get credit, should you decide to join me on the GrooveFunnels gamble I’m doing.

Dubious Affiliate Terms and Conditions

On researching this article I came across a few interesting points in their terms and conditions for promoting them as an affiliate. Most of the clauses sound pretty normal, but then a few of them also jump out at me.

Using negative words in promotional campaign is forbidden?

Look at number 3 above: Your affiliate account may be banned and earnings seized if you use the word scam, or other undefined negative words in your “promotional campaign?”

Does that mean that having a subheading in a blog post called “Is GrooveFunnels a scam” to truthfully answer the question is forbidden?? Or does this clause strictly refer to running ads on Google, Facebook, or any other social network?

Let’s move on…

First of all, I have to be honest and say that I have no idea what clause 8 means or refers to. So let’s skip it for now. Please do leave a comment below if you have any idea!

But, number 9 is a SERIOUS, and borderline insane clause to have – ESPECIALLY for beta software.

“Do not create negative review sites…”

Uhm, what does this even mean?

Do they seriously mean that nobody is allowed to post a negative review of GrooveFunnels, or they risk permanent termination from the affiliate program – or does this refer to creating entire websites like: I’m not sure.

Closing Thoughts

I LOVE all-in-one software with the ability for many different apps and analytics to work together in harmony, so I’m extremely excited about GroveFunnels and their future development plans.

If you want to join me in the gamble with your very own GrooveFunnels lifetime account you can click this link to go the offer. I’m not sure how long it will be available for.