Kartra Evergreen Funnel Tutorial: Replace Deadline Funnels and Maintain the Urgency!

Urgency is the best way to sell any product online today. There is no doubt about that.

In this post I’m sharing a tutorial of how you can use Kartra to set up evergreen funnels with urgency, so you can save your deadline funnel subscription and increase your conversions.

Running live promotions with urgency can be quite time consuming as all promotions and launches need to be manually run and organised in other to keep the urgency.

Software like Deadline Funnels solves this by allowing the user to create evergreen promotions, which to the individual lead appears as a time-sensitive promotion (which it should be – let’s stay ethical here!)

However, a little known fact about Kartra is that it already has this functionality built in out of the box, so you do NOT need to invest in an additional deadline funnel subscription to run evergreen funnels with urgency.

Watch this video tutorial to find out how to set it up:

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