Run your affiliate program using Kartra

In this post, I’m diving into using Kartra as your affiliate program, to sell anything from digital downloads, to live events and everything in between.

The main benefit of Kartra over its competitors is that it offers a true all-in-solution to running ALL your online marketing.

This includes Affiliate Management.

ClickFunnels, one of the main competitors restrict their affiliate management system (Backpack) to their premium ($397/mo) customers only.

Kartra includes it with every plan.

(Plus, it’s miles better.)

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s jump in and establish first what is an affiliate program, and how you can use affiliate marketing to scale your online business.

Then I’ll show you why the Kartra affiliate management system is amazing in detail.

Learn more about Kartra’s Affiliate Management Features

What is affiliate marketing?

And why should you use it in your business?

I’ve been making a substantial side income for the past 5 years using affiliate income.

It’s a simple business model.

The product owner makes his product available for affiliates, who in turn promote it to their audience.

For any sale, they split the revenue.

Typically 50/50, but this depends on what kind of affiliate program.

When it comes to digital products with little to no overheads, 50%+ is more the rule than the exception.

However, when it comes to physical products – especially with shipping, then the commission can be as little a few percent.

This is the case with Amazon, one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world.

(This doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with a programme like Amazon. Due to the abundance of different products, and the trust factor many websites generate a large amount of money from the Amazon affiliate programme.)

Why use Kartra to manage your affiliate program?

Kartra is an extremely powerful package, and by using the built-in affiliate system (included at every price tier) you can increase your growth using affiliates with ease.

Here are my top reasons for using Kartra as your affiliate program provider:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Integrates smoothly with Kartra products or memberships
  3. Powerful analytics and statistics
  4. Global Marketplace to share your offer with the world

Inside the Kartra affiliate manager

Here is an example of the analytics you can see from the affiliate activity inside your Kartra dashboard.

This is fantastic, as it gives you a clear picture of performance and conversion rates. This does not exist for ClickFunnels – Kartra‘s biggest competitor.

Kartra Affiliate Software Settings

Here are all the settings you can change for new affiliates signing up to your affiliate program.

  • Manual / Automatic Approval: Whether or not every new affiliate is automatically approved.
  • PayPal Instant Payments: If this is checked, affiliates with PayPal will be paid automatically.
  • Product-specif vs Account-wide: Do the affiliate cookies give credit when any product is bought, or is it only the product linked to?
  • Minimum amount of sales required before payment: Self-explanatory
  • Require W9 or W8BEN tax forms: Self-explanatory
  • Require acceptance of terms and conditions: Self-explanatory
  • Require sign-up survey: Affiliates need to fill out a survey before they can be added to your programme.

I think this is very nice set of features. You can find all the features on Kartra’s own page.

The Kartra Marketplace

The final feature that I’d like to talk about here, is the Kartra marketplace.

The Marketplace allows any product owner to share their products with the rest of the Kartra users.

You can find programs to become an affiliate for, or list your very own product for other affiliates to join.

At the time of writing this it’s nowhere near marketplaces like Clickbank, but it’s a nice little extra way to reach potential affiliates, or find new products to promote.

Need personalised help?

If you have any questions before signing up for Kartra, or need help with anything please send me a message. I’d be happy to help.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links, which generate a commission, should you decide to buy based on my recommendation. It does not increase the price of any products or services, and I’m always available should you require assistance with any of the recommended products.*