Success Interview: Educational Summit

Virtual Event Mob* managed the Sounds-Write Symposium from start to finish in 2021. It was a huge success with over 18,000 registrants and over 6 figures in revenue.

Here is the full interview with the client.

Update: Virtual Event Mob was the name of my Summit Service business, but I’ve since retired the name, and now only work through my own name and website.

Following the Success of The Sounds-Write Symposium in 2021, we repeated the process in 2023 with over 12.000 participants and a similar revenue to participant ratio as 2021. All organic.

Initial Impressions and Service Level

VEM: Our aim is to make the service as hands-off for the client as possible, in a sentence or two can you share how we made your life easier organising this event?

CLIENT: Kris and his team were amazingly well-organised, proactive, and a real pleasure to work
with. They took care of all the incredibly time-consuming tasks such as liaising with the 40+
speakers, scheduling times for pre-recording their talks, editing of the videos and production
of transcripts, etc.

In addition, Kris sorted out everything related to the Hey Summit platform
and the app we used for the event itself, as well as all the email sequences before, during and
after the event. He also briefed and supported our two event hosts, who really enjoyed
hosting the recordings.

I always felt I had a say in the things I wanted to be involved in (such as organising the
summit schedule, checking the email sequences, etc.) and that I could also leave Kris and his
team to do the rest in the knowledge that it would get done well.

Outsourcing vs In-sourcing

VEM: Your company is a sizable operation already, can you share your reasons for bringing in a
team to organise the event rather than doing it in-house?

CLIENT: A few years ago I was invited to speak at an online summit organised by Kris, and I was
impressed not just by the event itself, but about how easy and pleasant the pre-event
recording experience had been.

When we decided to organise a summit at Sounds-Write, I immediately thought of contacting
Kris and asking him if he would like to work with us on the organisation of the even. And I
was so glad I did!

As this was a one-off summit, we didn’t really have the capacity (or indeed the expertise!) to
organise this in-house. Kris was quick to grasp what we wanted form the event, as well as the
mission and ethos of our company, and was responsive to our needs.

Return on Investment

VEM: An important part of any business decision is the return of investment. Can you share briefly
what the results mean for the business and how they compare to your expectations before the

CLIENT: The return on investment for this event has been amazing!

We were hoping to break even and planned to have between 1000 and 2000 participants, mostly our customers, attending our

We ended up with a massive 16000 registrations, plus a lot of great feedback and interaction on social media.

We will be reinvesting the proceeds from the summit by offering scholarships and discounted places on our courses to a range of practitioners who might not be able to afford them. It has been a real win-win situation for us!

Participant Feedback

CLIENT: The feedback from the participants was great:

  • Overall, how would you rate the event? 4.7/5 average rating
  • Would you be likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague? 4.6/5 average rating
  • How likely are you to attend another one of our events? 4.8/5 average rating