Tutorial: Add a One-Time Offer (OTO) to a HeySummit Checkout

This is a tutorial for the event software: HeySummit.

One of the most powerful ways to build leads and maintain high conversion rates for your online event is to focus on getting people to register for your free, or cheapest ticket first.

This gets you the email address of the lead, for future promotions and opportunities.

However, you can also use the checkout process to immediately offer a special offer to upgrade to one of your paid ticket options.

Let’s set it up. It’s relatively easy, once you know where to look.

Step 1: Essential Event-Wide Settings for Instant Free Ticket Checkout

Event Setup – Registration and Checkout Settings

Note this screen may look a little different, depending on when you access the settings.

The important settings are:

  1. Require Email Up-front to secure the lead no matter what.
  2. Instant Signup to Ticket: FREE

Now, when people register for your summit they just enter their email address, and they are automatically registered as a lead with a free ticket.

Step 2: Defining the One-Time Offer

To choose the location of your one-time offer, head to your ticket settings.

Revenue – Tickets – Free Ticket – Manage Ticket (3 dots)

On the very first page, there is an option to define a custom confirmation page:

Create one here, and name it something memorable.

Step 3: Fleshing out the OTO page

Navigate to your newly created OTO page, using this link:


Note, if you’re using a custom domain you might need to use the HeySummit domain to access the page. You can always see this HeySummit URL in your dashboard.

You must be logged in as an administrator for this page to be viewable and editable.

Now you simply add your OTO details. Having a short video (2-3 minutes) helps conversions a lot, but you can also do a text-based page.

On the top of the page you write something like: “SUCCESS! Your Free Ticket is Reserved. Check your inbox for your welcome email and password.”

And then, immediately following this you can promote your paid tickets.

To insert a new ticket widget, navigate to the “Components” tab on the right hand side:

And click, Ticket.

This widget lets you select any ticket to display on your page, for immediate checkout.

You can even setup up a time-restricted offer by clicking the widget, and then Properties on the right hand side:

And there you have it! You now have a custom OTO checkout on your HeySummit event, that prioritises free signups and presents the offer to people as soon as possible.

What about multiple One-Time-Offers on HeySummit?

Sure! All you have to do is repeat the entire process, but setting the confirmation page inside the paid ticket you want to put this extra OTO page for.

The other steps are completely identical.

Features like these is what makes HeySummit the best virtual event platform out there, it’s not even close.