Virtual Events | Strategies, Tools, and Cases for Epic Lead Generation

This is the hub page for all my virtual event content. I help a few select clients each year organise massive online summits (or conferences) from start to finish.

Additionally I produce guides, tutorials, and reviews for popular software, strategies, and virtual event concepts.

Content Overview

Virtual Event Software Guides and Reviews

Virtual Event Strategy and Marketing

Virtual Event Case Studies and Testimonials

Coming Soon.

Availability Status:

Not currently accepting new clients for total event management in 2022. Contact me to discuss potential 2023 plans, assuming your event idea and company positioning is acceptable.

Be aware that full event management is not cheap. Expect to budget at least a low to mid 5-figures depending on the size and specifications of the event you have in mind.

Current Public Portfolio:

Phonics 1-to-1: A Sounds-Write Symposium: Working together with industry leaders of educational materials and training; Sounds-Write, we created a brand new epic event which had over 17,000 registrations from teachers and educational professionals from all English-speaking countries.

The New Year New Language Summit: Internal event bringing my language learning business (Actual Fluency) together with my event vision. Over 2000 people attended this first edition in 2022!

Expat Money Summit: Move away from the chaos and uncertainty, and start building your dream life abroad while protecting your assets, paying less taxes, and staying safe.


Career Event, Internal, schedule for mid-late September, 2022

Educational Event, Client, scheduled for October-November, 2022.

New Year, New Language 2023, Internal, scheduled for January, 2023.